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Journalist Report 08-10-01

Mission Director: Tony Muscatello
CAPCOM / Engineering Officer / Journalist: Dewey Anderson

Started up at about 3:10 MDT.

There was a voice report from the Field Team waiting for us.

Before listening to the voice report (which was 22 minutes long) an "Mission Support is on line" message was sent to the Field Team aroudn 3:40 pm MDT. That message made it clear that we were looking for a 2-way dialogue during out communictions window. It said that if Mission Support did not hear from them within an hour, we would assume no 2-way dialogue was intended and we would shut down for the night.

Then around 4pm MDT, Tony and Dewey listened to the voice report. It was quite excellent prompting a detailed engineering response from Dewey. An immediate message was sent informing the Field Team that we would send a response before shutting down.

While Dewey was working on that, the 5:40 "deadline" passed. About 10 minutes later an email came in from Jaret on the Field Team saying he'd just gotten back from a helicopter ride with Pascal. He asked if Dewey was still here. An ACK was sent immediately so they'd know we were still up. Then a reply was sent which reiterated the need for the Field Team to either a) engage in a 2-way dialogue during the communications window, or b) decide such dialogues will not take place and let us know.

Dewey finished the Engineering reply to the voice report and sent it.

Dewey then sent weather and news to the field team.

Dewey then wrote the journalist report.

Today has shown that with the current communications with the Field Team, one person is enough to staff Mission Support and the job can be done in about 3 hours.

Because of lack of response from the Field Team, we are signing off at 6:40 pm MDT.

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