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News and Info on Mars Simulations

Current News:

12/27/01 - Mars Simulation Project v. 2.73 Released
Version 2.73 of the Mars Simulation Project is available for download:
Mars Simulation Project

8/19/01 - Mars Simulation Project v. 2.72 Released
Version 2.72 of the Mars Simulation Project is available for download:
Mars Simulation Project

7/01/01 - Mars Base Simulation v. 2.1 Released
Version 2.1 of Marc Salotti's Mars Base Simulation is available for download here:
Mars Base Simulation

5/10/01 - Mars Simulation Project time tool screenshots
Screenshot available of the new Time Tool window for the Mars Simulation Project. The Time Tool will be in version 2.72 which is currently under development.

5/10/01 - Life on Mars? added to Mars simulation list.
Life On Mars?, a Windows shareware game of Mars colony management, has been added to the list of Mars simulations.

2/24/01 - Mars Base Simulation v. 2.0 Released
Version 2.0 of the Mars Base Simulation is now available.
Download at main site:
or at the faster mirror site:
Lots of new features in this release.

2/7/01 - article on the Mars Simulation Project has posted a "Highlight Project" article on the Mars Simulation Project.

2/1/01 - Mars Simulation Project v. 2.71 Released
Version 2.71 of the Mars Simulation Project is now available. The project Web site has been updated with a JavaDoc API and a user guide as well.
Mars Simulation Project

12/16/00 - Mars Base Simulation v. 1.3 Released
Version 1.3 of the Mars Base Simulation is now available. Download and enjoy.
Mars Base Simulation (English version)
Mars Base Simulation (French version)

9/8/00 - Mars Simulation Project v. 2.7 Released
Version 2.7 of the Mars Simulation Project is now released. It can be downloaded on the project's Web site:

9/1/00 - Preliminary Mars Simulation Taskforce Web Site Established
Jim Burke sets up a preliminary Web site for the Mars Simulation Taskforce.

8/31/00 - Mars Simulation Taskforce Mailing List Established
The Mars Simulation Taskforce mailing list is set up by Jim Burk.

8/13/00 - Mars Simulation Taskforce Founded
The Mars Simulation Taskforce was founded at the 3rd annual Mars Society Convention in Toronto, Canada, for the purpose of supporting Mars-based computer simulations.

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