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List of Past Issues from the year 2000

July 2000
  • United States Chapter News
  • International Chapter News
  • Mars Youth Group News

June 2000
  • European Chapters Summit Meeting Report
  • New representative selection rules
  • Arizona report on ISDC
  • Gravity Bricks
May 2000
  • Mars Song Contest finalists announced
  • Report on Dr Zubrin's Australian tour by the Australian chapter
  • Report on Illinois Chapter's event at Adler Planetarium
  • Louisiana Mars Society forming
  • Zubrin and German chapter meet with German space agency DLR
  • Convention poster contest results
April 2000
  • MISSION TO MARS outreach continues
  • Ares CD Issue #2 late, Issue #3 already underway
  • Dr. Zubrin completes whirlwind tour in Australia
  • Planete Mars (French chapter) holds first annual convention
  • Mars Society UK plans regional convention
  • Red Dirt (Georgia) announces Spaceship Design Competition
  • Chapters Council forms Mars FAQ committee
March 2000
  • Arizona chapters forming all over the state
  • Chapters gear up for MISSION TO MARS outreach
  • Puget Sound announces "Four Corners" mini-convention
  • Operation President
  • Report on Chapter's Council formation and activities
  • First issue done by new editor Jim Plaxco
  • First all-HTML issue (not plain text)
February 2000
January 2000


List of Past Issues from the year 1999

Volume 1, Issue 5 - December 9, 1999

Volume 1, Issue 4 - November 18, 1999

Volume 1, Issue 3 - October 28, 1999

Volume 1, Issue 2 - September 30, 1999

Volume 1, Issue 1 - September 16, 1999


History of the Red Planet Satellite Report

The idea for the Red Planet Satellite Report was born at a meeting between chapter and task force leaders at the 1999 Mars Society convention (the second annual gathering held in Boulder, Colorado). Almost everybody in attendance felt the need for better internal Mars Society communication, and an internal bi-weekly newsletter seemed to be the best solution.

The Red Planet Satellite Report is made up of individual reports submitted by all Mars Society chapters around the world (which currently counts almost 100 independent organizations), as well as all Mars Society projects and task forces, such as the group building and operating the Mars Arctic Research Station.

Richard Wagner , co-author of The Case for Mars and editor of the New Mars Journal, served as the first editor of the Red Planet Satellite Report from August 1999 until February 2000.

Upon the formation of the Chapter's Council in February 2000, it was decided that the Red Planet Satellite Report would become a publication of the Chapter's Council. It was agreed that Jim Plaxco, the Secretary of Communications for the Chapter's Council and the representative to the council for the Illinois Chapters would become the editor.


Red Planet Satellite Report Submissions and Contact Information

If you would like to submit a report, a letter to the editor, or comment on either the content or format of the Red Planet Satellite Report, please send an email to Jim Plaxco at

For questions, comments or suggestions regarding the Red Planet Satellite Report please contact Richard Trombly. The Red Planet Satellite Report is a publication of the Mars Society Chapter's Council, copyright 2001. All Rights Reserved.

General queries should be directed to
Copyright © 2001 The Mars Society. All rights reserved.